One of seven children, at age 8 Jay’s mother taught him the simple truth about cooking: if you learn how to make weekend breakfast for your older brothers, they’ll temporarily lay off the late night attacks while you’re sleeping. By age fifteen, Jay had hung up his cleats and baseball glove in exchange for bussing tables and chopping onions.

In 1986, Jay realized he wanted to become an executive chef while working under acclaimed Chef Raymond Hoffmeister at the Westin Century Plaza Hotel. Jay’s pursuit of culinary perfection has taken him to the kitchens of France, Italy and back to his hometown of San Diego where he worked with Chef Roberto Bernadoni–recipient of the superior achievement award in Florence Italy. In 1996, while working at Bella Luna Restaurant in his first executive chef position, Jay had the pleasure of preparing a special luncheon for Presidential Candidate Robert Dole. The meal left an impression, because in February of 2004, Jay received a letter of recommendation from Senator Dole for the White House Executive Chef position.

Though he was passed over for the position, it was around this time that Jay fell in love with his wife Christy, a native Oregonian, and the Pacific Northwest. He continued honing his craft in Seattle and Portland where he launched his own boutique catering company JP Taste. Jay comes from serving on the culinary team at Oregon State University in Corvallis for the last 7 Years in which he help revolutionized the way students ate on campus while focusing on healthy eating habits. He served on the National Whole Grain Summit and has developed a great partnership with the people of Bob’s Red Mill in teaching the benefits of whole grains.

He has donated his time to his assist his famous music producer sister Linda Perry from 4 non blondes, in Los Angeles Charity events and has been featured as a chef on CBS’s The Talk while cooking or an A-list of celebrities.

In the summer of 2018, he realized that his family and his career needed a breath of fresh air and that the Scottsdale Phoenix area would be the best place for them to pursue a new chapter in his culinary growth. he is now working a several projects that keep him busy. He has formed a culinary consulting company to work in a joint partnership with Bobs Reds Mill as a chef to help expand their brand of products in the college dining and hotel industry by actively attending forward thinking culinary conferences across the country. He has started his own private and personal chef service as well to bring the restaurant experience to the homes of the Valley with It Chef.

He and and his wife Christy share their lives with three beautiful children, Dylan, Reese and the youngest, Jacob, who may soon be learning Jay’s simple cooking truth: make the weekend


13 Comments on “Bio

    • Hello Jay congratulations on your well deserved success. San Diego is missing you I’m sure. Wink and a nod from your X Sister in Law😜

    • Very encouraging Jim to know even though I remember as it were yesterday, the day you left me, Mark and Nick and Grandview surf spot all day without our clothes,towels and money for food. Haha. We were so cold and so pissed but you came through and fed 3 hungry high school punk surfers some Jack in the Box

  1. Jay Perry, You are MY Friend Forever! So proud of all that God is doing in your life. I’ll never forget the night I called you for a “simple, quick and easy” recipe because I wanted to impress some dinner guests. You proceeded to give me a recipe for “Bocconcini di Pollo”. How can such a great name be a simple? I don’t even think I made it right, but I sure impressed by guests. May the Lord make you more and more creative each and every day. God Bless!

  2. What a terrific bio. You should be
    Very proud of yourself. My Dad was in the food business too so I can relate.

  3. Hi Jay!! Are you still playing my old acoustic guitar?! I am now 66 & still rocking.
    So wonderful to see you & Christy are doing well & you have excelled in your profession. God is good.
    I am living on the Oregon coast now & am very happy.
    Many Blessings dear friend,
    My best to Christy & Linda

    • Hey Kay. Wow! I am just getting back to my blog page after a year. Just saw this post. On the guitar- I wanted to donate something for a charity auction for local humane center and had Linda play around with it then signed at the auction to raise money. Sold for a good penny, so thank you for that.
      Career in culinary is going great here in Corvallis and Christh has started her path to be a RN.
      I am going start using my blog page as a vehicle for my life in food , family, friends and God. Glad you reached out. We love the coast. Not to far from it

  4. Hello Jay. Happy New Year! Just stopping by here to say congratulations on your move and the up coming restaurant. I’m sure you’ll do very well. XO….Rockin Robin

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